Einstein A to Z by Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck

Fox and Keck offer sharp, bite-size pieces of Einstein-related people, concepts and quirks in a fun book ideal for trivia lovers and the science-wary.
-- Scientific American

In a novel twist to a well-worn but never boring subject, this set of essays documents various aspects of Albert Einstein's life in vignettes arranged alphabetically by subject, ranging from absentmindedness to Zionism. Fox and Keck provide an accessible and lively overview of this iconic figure.
--Science News

Einstein A-Z stands out among other biographies on Albert Einstein. Instead of a narrative that covers the story of his life from birth to death, this book is organized as an encyclopedia of topics that illustrate the many facets of this great scientist. This format makes it ideal for casual browsing and research."
-- National Science Teacher's Association

Sure Einstein was brilliant, smart, witty , and the greatest mind of our time. But, man, do you really GET him? . . . Thankfully, science writers Karen Fox and Aries Keck have written a handy entertaining breakdown of the great thinker: from A to Z -- with a little E=MC2 thrown in.
-- NYC Metro

History is always messier than legend. That’s why books like this are so helpful: you can look up the legends as well as the Bose-Einstein condensates.
-- Guardian

Einstein A to Z the perfect gift ! . . . Einstein fans and even the unconverted will find this enlightening, engaging and entertaining.
-- Sciencebase.com


Einstein A to Z * Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck
Wiley publishing * Publication date: August 2004 * ISBN: 0-471-46674-3 * $17.95 paperback * 300 pp