Einstein A to Z by Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck

Lectures on Einstein

Aries Keck and Karen Fox have spoken on Einstein at a wide range of venues -- from science meetings to church dinners. Both have extensive experience with radio and speaking in public, making them more than simply experts on Einstein, but great verbal communicators as well.

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Topics (based on entries from Einstein A to Z!)

Fame: What catapults someone known for esoteric physics into such world-wide fame as Einstein's?
(Keck, 35 minutes)
Everyone knows who Einstein is. . . but how many on the street can tell you what E=mc2 means? How does a scientist become so famous that his name becomes emblazoned on children's toys? The answer lies as much with Einstein's quirky hair and razor sharp tongue as with his genius.

God: Einstein and Religion
(Fox, 40 minutes)
Born Jewish, he shed the customs and traditions of Judaism in his youth, and never associated himself with conventional religion again. He claimed he didn't believe in God, and yet, Einstein was a religious man. He often expressed a deep awe and appreciation for what he described as, ‘the mysterious.’

The Later Years: Brilliant Scientist or Famous Curmudgeon?
(Fox, 35 minutes)
Einstein spent his last years toiling at a Theory of Everything that no one else thought worth pursuing. He simultaneously rejected the science of quantum mechanics studied by other physicists. Was his lone path a sign of smarts -- or just stubbornness?

Olympia Academy: How Does a Patent Clerk Become a Genius?
(Keck or Fox, 35 minutes)
Ornery and overly-independent, Einstein couldn't get a job as a paid professor -- instead he turned to his friends. A farcical group of young scientists he referred to as the Olympia Academy created the right milieu for Einstein's brilliant theories to bloom.

Pacifism: Einstein and War
(Keck, 40 minutes)
Einstein had an opinion on everything, and seeking a stable worldwide peace was one of the causes most dear to his heart. From collaborating with Freud on the tract Why War? to fighting against fascism, Einstein's opinions on peace and war are still applicable today.

Relativity: Explained Once and For All
(Fox, 45 minutes)

Einstein developed his first theory of relativity in 1905. In honor of its 100th anniversary, this lecture explains relativity in a way that everyone can understand. We promise.

\Wormholes: The Outer Limits of Einstein
(Fox, 45 minutes)
A look at the far reaches of where Einstein's theories have taken us -- both in science and science fiction. Whether its wormholes or time travel, Einstein's science opened doors to ideas far more outlandish than he would have ever thought possible.

Women: Einstein's Love Life
(Keck, 35 minutes)
Admit it. You want to know. From getting his first wife pregnant before they were married to his numerous affairs, Einstein's personal life was anything but smooth.

Einstein A to Z * Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck
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