Einstein A to Z by Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck

Karen C. Fox has written about physics and the history of physics for over a dozen years. Before becoming a full-time freelance writer, she spent five years as a reporter for a lay-audience radio show called Science Report, where she learned how to make science interesting and enjoyable to the most reluctant of audiences.

She is the author of two previous books: The Big Bang Theory: What it is, Where it Came From, and Why it Works (Wiley, 2002), which is the first book in a series on significant science theories; and The Chain Reaction: Profiles in Nuclear Science (Grolier, 1998), a book for young adults on nuclear physics.

Ms. Fox has extensive experience in speaking to crowds, giving lectures on such varied topics as the history of women in science, cosmology’s interaction with religion, and why Einstein rejected the science of quantum mechanics that he helped found.

Aries Keck is also a veteran science reporter, writing for the Economist, The Discovery Channel, Science magazine and others. She's currently the health and science reporter for WHYY-FM, Philadelphia's National Public Radio station. A gifted communicator -- she often contributes to national programs such as NPR's "All Things Considered," American Public Media's "Marketplace," and WBUR's midday program, "Here and Now."

Ms. Keck is a popular lecturer on the interaction of science and the media, including consumer's love/hate relationship with technology. In talks that are in-depth, informative and often, quite funny, she speaks on Einstein's personal life and how it affected his scientific achievements, as well as the myth and mysteries that surround his life, and his death.

Einstein A to Z * Karen C. Fox and Aries Keck
Wiley publishing * Publication date: August 2004 * ISBN: 0-471-46674-3 * $17.95 paperback * 300 pp